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When you're running an online business, having the right tools to help you can save you hours of precious time, automate key activities, and streamline your business beautifully.
But it's important you choose the right tools for the stage of business you're at. So you don't end up spending $100s on subscribing to software you never use!

So this is my list of tried and trusted tools and resources. I've personally used them all in my own business, to do everything from send emails, to creating beautiful landing pages, and hosting my website.

Many have affiliate links, which means I receive a small payment if you purchase the tools. But all have been hand picked and are recommended because I love them, and only make the list if they have great customer support too!

Active Campaign

I use ActiveCampaign to manage my email lists and subscribers. Itโ€™s simple to use, has all the basic features you need if you're just starting out, but also packs a punch with more advanced features that will support your business as you scale and grow your list. And there's a free trial too, check it out and see what ActiveCampaign can do!

email marketing


One thing's for sure โ€“ if you want to sell your online courses, you're gonna need a way to take payment! And SamCart is the PERFECT solution. In 2016, when I ran the first webinar launch of my Ads On Fire course, I directed people to a SamCart form to buy the course. I had it all set up and running in under 30 minutes โ€“ no hours spent writing and creating a fancy sales page! SamCart literally helped me get my course out faster, and I made more sales because of how attractive their forms are. It integrates with most email marketing tools and membership platforms too, so you can have login details sent to every new student purchasing your course.

payment forms

Group Funnels

If you have a Facebook group, you probably spend a fair bit of time approving new members into your group every month. And if you ask joining questions, It becomes a total pain to have to copy and paste everyone's names, emails, and welcome questions over and over again right?

That's why I was SO happy to discover and use Group Funnels. It's a really cool tool that allows you to approve new group members at scale, AND collect their welcome questions/answers. That means their emails too! (If you're not already collecting people's emails when they join โ€“ start NOW!) It's the easiest way to generate tons of free leads as long as your group is growing. Group Funnels auto approves filtered members based on your criteria, collects their name/emails/questions, and puts it into a spreadsheet for you then into your email service provider. Pretty cool huh?

collecting email addresses from a facebook group

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