iOS 14 For Advertisers: Big Impacts and How to Prepare

In this episode, we are talking all about Apple’s iOS 14 changes and the impact it's going to have on ad managers along with Facebook ad...

In this week's episode of The Launch Lab Podcast, we are talking all about Apple iOS 14 changes and what we now know about the impact it's going to have on advertisers.

These changes have brought frustration for many – me included!

In this follow up episode, I'm giving you a high-level overview of the essential actions you need to take right now so that your ads can run without a hitch.

But before we dive in, let me introduce myself. I'm your host Liz Melville, founder of The Launch Society, and the go-to Facebook Ads strategist for top online entrepreneurs around the globe.

This podcast is for you the entrepreneur looking to scale and grow your business with a game-changing launch strategy. After working on some of the biggest launches in the online space I can tell you it takes a village to launch and scale successfully, but so many struggling entrepreneurs keep trying to figure it out on their own.

Here inside the lab, we are going to be sharing the top surefire strategies that’ll take your online course to the NEXT level.

Are you ready for packed out webinars, an abundance of new leads, and sold out launches…then let’s get started!

Today, we are going to be talking all about iOS 14, the impact it has on advertisers, and what they can do to prepare. So tune in to episode 23 on your favourite podcast streaming platform for even more details.

Apple’s prompt and what it's all about.

Once Apple users have upgraded to the iOS 14 platform, when they go into an app they're going to see a prompt that asks if they want to allow tracking on the app.

What this means is when people decide to opt-out, any their data may not be sent back to Facebook when they take action on an ad.

Apple is also going to delay sending the information back – it could take up to 3 days to be sent, instead of immediately as it is now.

Actions are still going to happen on your ads, and people are still going to sign up. But this “aggregation” of data will affect the tracking of results inside ads manager.

When these changes are fully enforced, it's going to have a huge impact on your advertising.

The biggest impact iOS 14 has on advertisers.

You’re only going to be allowed to track up to eight conversion events for each domain you own and use to host your landing pages.

There are a lot of different actions that people can take that would count as a conversion. Such as a purchase, a lead, or completing a registration.

With the iOS 14 updates, you are only going to be able to track and optimize your ads for eight of those events. For most digital course creators, eight is probably going to be enough. But you need to be able to set those up, and prioritise them correctly inside Business Manager!

So the key action you need to take right now is to verify the domain where your landing pages are situated inside business manager.

ios 14 update

Attribution of your ads.

Attribution is how Facebook gives credit to ads for the actions that are being taken after people see or click on them.

For example, if I'm running an ad that's getting people to sign up for a lead magnet, that lead will be attributed back to the ad that they saw before they took the action to sign up.

The iOS 14 changes also mean that Facebook have had to change the default attribution settings and how results are reported. So it's important we understand how this will affect our tracking, optimisation of ads, and the results we see on our dashboard.

iOS 14 For Advertisers: Big Impacts and How to Prepare: Main Takeaways

I hope this episode has prepared you for iOS 14 and all the changes to come! Listen to this episode over and over until you get everything in your head and are aware of all the actions you need to take. As advertisers, if we want to continue to advertise on Facebook and Instagram platforms, then we need to take responsibility and learn what we need to pivot and change for the sake of our ads.

Be sure to check out my workshop to learn the practical steps you need to take inside Ads Manager to continue running ads with iOS 14.


Thank you so much for listening to the Launch Lab Podcast! I hope this episode has helped you become more aware of the changes that are going to happen with your ads in the next couple of months. Prepare now so that you are not fully affected when things happen.

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Get your FREE 3-Step Guide to fix an ad that’s failing... FAST!

Targeting, Traffic or Copy? Focus in on the metrics that matter to QUICKLY identify what’s going wrong with your ads.

Discover the simple benchmarks to decide whether your ad is flying or failing… and what to do about it!