A Beginner’s Guide to Facebook Ads with Bob Regnerus

In this episode, I am joined by Bob Regnerus, who is an expert in the area of Facebook Advertising and Deep Funnel Marketing™ strategies. We are going to be talking all about Facebook ads and...

In this week's episode of The Launch Lab Podcast, I am joined by Bob Regnerus! Bob is an expert in the area of Facebook Advertising and Deep Funnel Marketing™ strategies. He is also the Co-Founder of Feedstories, a digital marketing expert, and author of five books!

But before we dive in, let me introduce myself. I'm your host Liz Melville, founder of The Launch Society, and the go-to Facebook Ads strategist for top online entrepreneurs around the globe. This podcast is for you the entrepreneur looking to scale and grow your business with a game-changing launch strategy. After working on some of the biggest launches in the online space I can tell you it takes a village to launch and scale successfully, but so many struggling entrepreneurs keep trying to figure it out on their own.

Here inside the lab, we are going to be sharing the top surefire strategies that’ll take your online course to the NEXT level. Are you ready for packed out webinars, an abundance of new leads, and sold out launches…then let’s get started!

Today, we are going to be talking all about Facebook ads and how you can implement them as a beginner. So tune in to episode 22 on your favorite podcast streaming platform for even more details.

Bob's Mantra: The right content, to the right audience, at the right time.

During my conversation with Bob, he explains how important it is to think about what your clients and potential clients want to hear. Think about what they need to hear for there to be a relationship that forms a conversation. If you start with this in mind, the idea of marketing becomes less intimidating. When you do a good job at communicating your message at the right time to the right person, marketing becomes so much easier. Everything is much more manageable when you're confident in what you do and comfortable with the people you're working with. Facebook advertising can be so simple when you know what you want to give to your audience. Get in the head of your potential customers by asking yourself what could be important to them and what keeps them up at night

The difference between Facebook and Google when it comes to receiving attention.

Google is where people go to solve problems and ask questions. This is amazing for advertisers because they know what people are searching for and they can answer those questions. This is not the same for Facebook. When it comes to Facebook advertising, it can feel almost like you’re interrupting someone as they're looking at pictures of loved ones or connecting with friends. It's a huge challenge for a Facebook advertiser because it’s almost like they are bombarding somebody by trying to sell them something. If you're going to interrupt someone while they're doing something important, you need to be able to get their attention. Bob says the way to get that attention is to wave a flag and point out that something is going on in their life where they need an answer. Once you can get their attention, you want them to know that you have a solution by offering them proof. Understand that you are not doing this all in one ad. You have to do this over time and build rapport with that person! You must be giving them content that is building a conversation and tells stories. When you do this, you can move them towards your conversion mechanism and then try to make a sale.

Two strategies that work really well whether you're a beginner or an expert.

In our conversation, Bob explains his two strategies when it comes to funnel advertising on Facebook. The first one is article strategy, which is very simple. If you're someone who enjoys writing and creating blog articles, you want to demonstrate your expertise by putting an article on your blog and then running a simple Facebook ad. What you're trying to do is get people off Facebook and onto your website where they're going to learn about your expertise. If you understand your market, you'll be writing content that engages with your audience. Anyone who reads that article on your website is now aware of you and most likely interested in what you have to offer.

If you're more comfortable using video, you can run a video ad campaign and get people to watch the same article. You can then track the people who watch that video. Start by making a minute long video and see who spends at least 75% or more time watching that video. 45 seconds on the internet is like an eternity, so video is a great objective. Once people start to show their interest, you can cater content towards the things you sell. That's how you make the transition from getting their attention to getting them to buy from you. Both of these strategies are a really inexpensive way to start and Bob highly recommends both to his clients.

Bob’s key things to look out for and try this year.

One of Bob's first concerns is that there’s an increasing number of accounts and business managers being shut down on Facebook. So many people get banned for no reason and it’s causing alarm. His next concern is that Facebook can become loyal to big brand advertisers and push the little ones out of the way. Bob is currently looking to diversify his strategies and alternate platforms to supplement what he does on Facebook. According to Bob, one thing you're going to see this year is an increased need for old-school marketing. A lot of people don't want to rely on retargeting, he thinks we will see people pushing to get emails and rediscover new strategies.

A Beginner's Guide to Facebook Ads with Bob Regnerus: Main Takeaways

I hope this episode has been a good starting guide to Facebook advertising for you! Understanding Facebook ads is truly about knowing your audience and what they need. Once you get that down, you’ll see how much easier it is to market to the right people.

You can check out Bob’s Website to purchase his book and dive deeper into Facebook ads.


Thank you so much for listening to the Launch Lab Podcast! I hope this episode has helped grow your confidence in how to put together an effective course launch, without the confusion, overwhelm, or frustration.

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Get your FREE 3-Step Guide to fix an ad that’s failing... FAST!

Targeting, Traffic or Copy? Focus in on the metrics that matter to QUICKLY identify what’s going wrong with your ads.

Discover the simple benchmarks to decide whether your ad is flying or failing… and what to do about it!