Hello, I’m Liz!

I help driven, online course creators, go from fed-up to fired-up in their online business. I empower them to create impact, wild visibility and to grow their business with a consistent stream of dream clients!

I love what I do! First and foremost, I’m a mum. I’m passionate about giving warm hugs, paddling barefoot in the sea, building Lego castles and eating Nutella off a spoon.

But I’m also an Online Business Coach, Facebook ad expert and Launch Scientist! Mentoring other online coaches, course creators and experts. And aspiring to never be on my laptop, or browsing Facebook, when my son wants to paint my face or read a book with me.

I’ve also been a housekeeper, dog walker, hotel manager, financial controller and burned out senior manager. Pretty good qualifications for being a mum and running a business too!

In 2007, I stumbled across the amazing power of Facebook for marketing a side hustle to my corporate role. So when the time came to hang up my suit and stilettos, I knew I wanted to go all in on teaching others everything I knew about online marketing.

I discovered the power and liberation of using simple sales funnels and paid traffic to spend less time attracting new clients, and turning them into paying customers. Consistently. Reliably. Fearlessly.

I want to help you do this too. Business success, AND time to live the liberated, joyous life you deserve.

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