Are you ready to increase the sales of your online programs and packages?

You know your dream clients are out there. Aren’t they?


So you’ve set up a Facebook business page and have been posting things you think your audience will love. But no-one’s talking to you.
You’ve joined a few groups where you think your dream clients hang out. You get a few leads…..but not enough to stop you stressing about the bills this month.
You’ve watched countless webinars and are coursed out trying to learn the latest strategy to skyrocket your online sales. But it’s STILL not working!

What the hell are you doing wrong? 

Fact is, you’re simply not reaching enough people who want to work with you. 


You feel as if you’re constantly chasing down clients and wish they’d come to you instead!
In fact, you’re feeling pretty frustrated, struggling to work out what to do next, and beginning to wonder if it’s truly possible to grow your online business and to reach the people you most want to help?



Time to get an expert onboard!

Meet Liz


Liz Melville is a highly regarded Facebook and online marketing specialist, with over 6 years experience in promoting brands and businesses online.
Her portfolio includes working with the world’s foremost Facebook marketing expert, Mari Smith. She has also mentored and trained countless coaches, consultants, wellness and health specialists to attract a steady stream of dream clients, nurture customer relationships, and to use simple sales funnels to grow their online business .
A proud Scottish lass, Liz is a devoted mum to her young son, and enjoys spending her free time in the great outdoors. She loves nothing more than a walk with her dog, or to be by the sea – with or without her laptop!

Increasing your sales online is as easy as A.B.C!


Want more paying customers?

Well, here’s the hard truth. Hanging around in Facebook groups all day, posting a ton of content and hoping you’ll get noticed isn’t a great strategy. Not if you want a consistent flow of new people to talk to.

In fact, it’s pretty labour intensive and frustrating.

But there IS a better way.

It’s time to get strategic. It’s time to use the power of Facebook ads to attract a steady flow of traffic to your business. There are millions of your perfect clients on Facebook.

Isn’t it time you reached them?



Imagine having a community of raving fans right within Facebook.

A tribe of folks who LOVE your brand and are your BIGGEST advocates.

Who value your expertise and are dying to work with you.

How amazing would that feel?!

Time to BUILD a community, your influence and your expertise.

Make an impact.  Are you ready to get visible on Facebook?



So you’ve put your heart and soul into a brand new idea. You’ve agonised and laboured over what to say in a post to promote it. But you finally put it out there on Facebook……..and hold your breath.

Nothing. Happens.

Or at best, you don’t make the level of sales you desperately want.

You need a sales funnel that will naturally create paying customers. A process you can repeat over and over again. 

It’s a gamechanger. It will make you more sales. Without working harder.

Let’s build you a Fearless Funnel that converts!


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